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from Little Circe

"Even at three, she knew

the days were hers,

the tides came in,

the dune-grass curled

at her command..."

Poetry East, no. 61

from I'm curious

"... Yesterday, heedless as a toddler

and as easily bored,

I clicked through Malaysia (traffic)

and Scotland (river), India (rooftops),

Canada (quirky container garden)

and watched an old woman

hanging up wet clothes in China..."


"Fasting was a new idea to me; it sounded mysterious and powerful—a bloodless sacrifice."
 from Fasting: a Diptych
"I started dissociating more and differently after Papi died. Sometimes at the piano, I floated up to the ceiling and watched myself play..."
 from Salvaging Parts


"The good news is that there is enough to share. And regardless of material wealth, any of us can be rich toward God..."

Sermon on Luke 12.13-31

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Grace Lutheran Church, Rock Hill, SC

"Elijah prays for death.
God responds with life.
...I believe God answered his deeper prayer, the prayer behind the prayer. Elijah doesn't truly want to die. He wants relief.
And when we ask for mercy, mercy comes."

Sermon on I Kings 19.4-8

Sunday, Aug 8, 2021

Grace Lutheran Church, Rock Hill, SC

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